Best All-around Supplements

Supplements such as Pterostilbene oftentimes are used whether alone or with other supplements in a stack to get more enhanced effects.

Brain function is improved

When using the supplement, your overall brain and cognitive functions improve significantly giving you an enhanced ability to store and retrieve memory ultimately making it easier for you to learn new things faster. It also helps protect your brain cells by reducing the cell degeneration rate while increasing the regeneration and development of new cells. With this effect, it is a perfect candidate to be used for patients with Alzheimer’s. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety while improving your overall mood.


It also lowers blood glucose levels for people who have fairly high cholesterol, therefore keeping the risk of getting diabetes at a minimum. This doesn’t mean that after taking the supplement, you can go binge eating on sweets though, you still have to regulate your consumption.


As an antioxidant, it works by killing off possible cancer cells and prevents the development of cancer cells. Though not all cancer cells may be fought off, some like lung cancer, pancreatic and colon cancer cells may be on the list to be eliminated by the supplement.

Building muscles

The supplement also provides users with a significant growth to muscles and when used effectively with a stack and correct cycle, there will definitely be gains. Perfect for a bodybuilder or athlete that’s looking for something that is all-around.

Live longer with Pterostilbene

Stress can cause your cells to age dramatically and rapidly, the antioxidant effect that the supplement has can slow down the degradation of the cells by relieving your body from stress and will ultimately make you feel more light and refreshed.

Natural sources

Though manufactured as supplements to provide convenience, pterostilbene can also be found in other food such as berries and nuts. Specifically blueberries and deer berries. Though this might be the easier solution, the nutrients found in these berries might not just be enough for your needs. The supplement however was manufactured in a way that it contains the vital nutrients in a small package that is relatively easy to acquire.

Cause for concern?

While consumption of this supplement is good, extremely high doses might prove to be severe since it can cause LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol to build up and might get stuck in your arteries and cause heart failures and/or stroke which might prove to be fatal. This is the only known side effect the supplement has.

All in all, this supplement is a good all-around supplement that can provide you with the lacking nutrients your body needs to function at an optimum level. Just learn to regulate and keep consumption to a minimum or recommended dosage to avoid problems.

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